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i am so so so so
so so so so so
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mad at dylan for calling hoechlin/derek “big cuddly bear” like this is a thing i will never be over ever


Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is a figment of Isaac’s imagination… until he isn’t.

When I first started (I started at the beginning of season 3), I was sitting in [the editing room] doing dailies or something and I hear giggling outside my door; and so I turned around and it’s Dylan and Tyler and, and they know that I’m new. And so they kinda trick me a little bit; and they are like “Oh, can we watch some dailies” or “can we watch this scene” or whatever (and the actors aren’t allowed to do that). I was like “oh I don’t know” and they were like “oh we do it all the time, it’s fine.” And I just started working there so I didn’t know, you know. And I’m like “all right”, and so I started like playing scenes for them, you know, and after the fact, I went to Gabe (Editor) and I was like “This just happened” and he’s like “No, never”. They got me, totally. They tricked me.

—Assistant Editor for Teen Wolf’s Betsy Thompson and her experiences with actors on set (x)


True Alpha Scott McCall


the wolf brothers ride again!

here’s more art for scerek week, featuring your incest bro needs

#64 for mattym